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Boat and RV Parking at Our Corona, CA Location

Allsize Storage provides boat and RV parking to Corona, CA customers. We provide a safe haven for boating and camping enthusiasts who lack the space to store their valuables when not using them. All boat and RV owners should consider using a professional facility when not hitting the Pacific Ocean or the open road, and we offer state-of-the-art protection and 24/7 protection. We specialize in delivering peace of mind to our customers and always follow through on our promises. Our staff is friendly, our on-site resident managers are dedicated to security.

The Benefits of Using Our Storage Facility

We have established a reputation throughout Corona for delivering outstanding customer service and protecting our customer’s belongings. Boats and RVs are investments. We want to help. The benefits of our services include:

Damage Protection

Storing a vehicle or vessel in a lot near your home carries risk to your RV or boat. However, you will have more than enough space in a private area to store your valuables.

Theft Prevention

We pride ourselves on delivering a safe and secure environment for your RV or boat. Our state-of-the-art facility includes an on-site resident managers to prevent theft.

More Space at Home

Boats and RVs are large enough to clutter the biggest driveways. Our storage facility is the best way to free space for other things.


We offer numerous price points and space sizes, ensuring you can find a place to store your RV or boat at a good rate.

Free RV amenities

We offer a free RV wash and dump station, access to an air compressor and a filtered ice machine.

Trust Us With Your Investment Today

Our RV and boat storage is only available at our Corona, CA location, a quick drive from our Yorba Linda location. We are willing to accommodate your needs and can walk you through your options and how best to choose a unit. Our friendly staff is well-versed in storage solutions and is excited to help us develop a long-term relationship with you. Our watchwords are professionalism and peak security, two musts for any storage facility. Bring your RV or boat to us today.

Contact Us to Learn More!